The South End

Seeking a project to photograph close to my home in Connecticut, I stumbled upon what has become an obsession.  I began photographing the South End neighborhood of Stamford in 2016. Although fairly ordinary on the surface, I quickly became intrigued by the lives I observed, the diversity of the population, and the hints of change ahead.   I witnessed dramatic alterations week by week as homes and stores are torn down and empty lots suddenly have cranes. Soon it will be unrecognizable, which adds to its poignancy. As if in slow motion what exists today cannot be preserved and will inevitably disappear.

The 177-acre South End historic district of Stamford CT is undergoing transformation and gentrification.  The so-called Harbor Point redevelopment, a $3.5 billion project which is among the largest in the country, was begun in the area in 2009.  About halfway through now, when complete it will comprise 4000 luxury apartments plus retail and office space. Life for many South End residents appears difficult and will surely become more so as gentrification advances.  The lovely new apartment buildings going up are unaffordable for long-time residents who are primarily low income. Little thought appears to have been spent on where those displaced will find to go next.

Compelled to capture what I know will soon be eradicated, I celebrate the present as the metamorphosis continues.