The South End

My project is something of a time capsule, representing what is to be lost.  Seeking a project that would allow me to photograph close to home, I stumbled upon what has become an obsession.  

The 177-acre South End historic district of Stamford CT is undergoing transformation and gentrification.  The so-called Harbor Point redevelopment, a $3.5 billion project was begun in the area in 2009.  About halfway through now, when complete it will comprise 4000 luxury apartments plus retail and office space.  I am capturing what I know will be eradicated in a few more years. Life for many of the primarily low-income residents there is difficult and will become more so. I began photographing the South End in 2016, and see dramatic changes week by week as homes and stores are torn down and empty lots suddenly have cranes.  Soon it will be unrecognizable.