Irish Travellers, the female side

My project focuses on portraying female Irish Travellers with an emphasis on children and preadolescent girls. This time of life facinates me, particularly in this community where most marry before 18 and have large families.

Irish Travellers are an ethnic group comprising less than 1 percent of Ireland’s population. They are shunned and discriminated against by the majority of the country, and are subpar on all socio-economic measures. They primarily live apart from the "settled" population of Ireland in government-sponsored halting sites or illegal roadside encampments along with their horses. Their culture is based around nomadism, religion and traditional gender roles.

The people I met were open and generally welcomed the opportunity to be in front of the camera. I think perhaps the stark contrast with my own life and value systems is the root of my captivation by the Irish Travellers. I hope to continue this project.