Among Greyhounds: The Travellers of Ireland

When I visited the homes of the Travellers in Ireland in 2018 I was struck by the prevalence of greyhounds.  Some were painfully thin with their ribs sticking out, some were chained in dog houses, others seemed extremely well cared for. Greyhounds are great hunters and are used to catch rabbits. Horses and other dogs and animals are also abundant.

Travellers are an ethnic group comprising less than one percent of the population in Ireland. They are shunned and discriminated against by the majority of the country due to their cultural differences, and are subpar on all socio-economic measures. They primarily live apart from the "settled" population of Ireland in government-sponsored halting sites or illegal roadside encampments along with their horses. Their culture is based around nomadism, religion and traditional gender roles. Most marry by 18 and have large families, although this seems to be changing modestly.

I wanted to capture the humanity of this group of people and celebrate their lives.